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ShabbaT Across Cincinnati

Welcome! We are so happy you landed here and can’t wait to tell you all about Shabbat Across Cincinnati.
Shabbat is foundational to Jewish life. Setting the rhythm to our days, it spiritually elevates our entire week. A time to pause from the daily humdrum of life, Shabbat gives us an opportunity to recalibrate, reflect and connect with G-d, ourselves and others.
There is no better way to celebrate the special gift of Shabbat than by sharing it with family and friends. History has shown that the Jewish people’s greatest strength is our unity! This is where Shabbat Across Cincinnati comes in.



Shabbat Across Cincinnati is a program designed to bring Jews together over the Shabbat table. We are coordinating a series of Friday night celebrations throughout the months of February and March 2023, enabling Jews across Cincinnati to connect with each other over a warm and delicious Shabbat dinner.


We tried it

We loved it, so

We're back for more

Shabbat Across Cincinnati took our community by storm as we spent the month of November opening our homes to old and new friends to share the warmth of a Shabbat dinner. The guests treasured it, the hosts cherished it, and both sides came clamoring back for more. So, here we go: Shabbat Across Cincinnati: Winter Edition!!

What you need to KNOW?

The goal is to bring as many Cincinnatians as possible around Shabbat tables. You can choose to be a guest or a host. As a guest, you will be paired up with a warm and welcoming family the Friday night of your choice. If you are a host, you can either invite your old friends and family to join you for Shabbat dinner and/or you can be paired up with new friends. You can release your inner chef and cook the whole meal, or you can get food delivered from our partner caterers, Rood Food Catering. Everyone will also enjoy 2 bottles of wine, fresh home-made Challah by Chana Mangel and beautiful Shabbat handbooks. 

If this sounds too good to be true – it’s because it is that good. But it’s also true!

Let’s keep the Shabbat warmth enveloping us this winter by connecting to each other.


There are so many fascinating people to be met and friendships to be made! 
Make sure you are a part of the magic of Shabbat Across Cincinnati by signing up ASAP as a guest or a host by clicking below. Let’s do this!

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