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Frequently Asked questions

  • What is Shabbat Across Cincinnati?
    The goal of Shabbat Across Cincinnati is to provide Jews in Cincinnati with the opportunity to enjoy a warm, uplifting and inspiring Friday night Shabbat dinner. Participation is open to all Jews — religious and secular, traditional and modern, young and old. We are recruiting both host families and dinner guests.
  • Who can be a part of Shabbat Across Cincinnati?
    Jews from all over the city! Everyone is welcome! The more Jews who take part, the better!
  • I'd love to host a Shabbat dinner , but I don’t have the financial means
    Contact us! We can assist with expenses for purchasing food. We can also provide a homemade challah, wine and Shabbat booklets.
  • I’d love to host a Shabbat dinner, but I don’t have the time to prepare the meal. Is there an option for catering?
    Contact us! We will provide information about Kosher caterers, and can provide financial assistance.
  • I’d love to participate as a guest, but I’ve never attended a Shabbat dinner before! What should I expect?
    Not a problem at all! Expect to be in a welcoming environment! We are brothers and sisters around a Shabbat Table.
  • I’d like to know more about Shabbat traditions. Where can I find information?
    Click here for tools and guides for every aspect of Shabbat! We are here to help out for any kind of mentoring, recipes or tips!
  • Who is funding this program?
    Chabad Jewish Center is operating the program, with financial support from a Jewish Federation grant.
  • I can't participate this month, but would love to participate in a future Shabbat Across Cincinnati event.
    Contact us HERE - we will keep you posted on the next event!
If you have additional questions, please click HERE
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